"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

February 11, 2020

Feb. 9 - Cabo Rojo, PR

“Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.” –Unknown

Our adventure in the Rincón area has come to an end and today we headed east along the southern shore. But before we left town we stopped by the farmers market in the plaza. We did more looking than buying and enjoyed checking out what each vendor offered. 
My favorite booth was CaRiBbEaN CoLoRs bY HaRrY L.
Our first stop after leaving Rincón was the Cabo Rojo area. We drove past the salt flats which seem to be non existence at this time. Not sure if that's because of the hurricane a few years ago or the recent earthquakes. The main reason for coming to the area was to check out the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and the cliffs it sits on. The lighthouse was closed so we didn't get to walk to the top, but we did enjoy the view from the cliffs. 

Faro de Los Morrillos (Cabo Rojo Lighthouse) is the most beloved landmark in Cabo Rojo. Commonly known as “El Faro”, it is located at Los Morrillos Peninsula perched on commanding limestone cliffs that drop 200 feet into the Caribbean Sea. Los Morrillos Lighthouse was the second lighthouse built by the Spanish in Puerto Rico, construction began in 1882 and completed 1887.
After hiking to the lighthouse we drove over to Combate Beach to have lunch at Annie's Place. John and Janice recommended it and fresh grouper bites on the appetizers menu was enough to make a meal for both of us. Along with the wonderful fish we had a great view of the water. The perfect place to relax. 
Combate Beach near Cabo Rojo
Scenery along the road today.
After lunch we continued our drive east along the shore. The land in this area is more aired with rolling hills and open pastures. It reminded us of places in theTexas  hill country. We drove through La Parguera and Guánica, which are the towns most affected by the recent earthquakes. We didn't notice much damage along the roads we were on, but we did see the tent city set up for those that were afraid to stay in their homes. Our home for the night was the Ponce Hilton Beach Resort. What a beautiful place. Sometimes it's nice to stay in luxury.

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