"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

February 12, 2020

Feb. 10 - Fajardo, PR

“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul” –Unknown

Our adventure east continued today. Our final destination was Fajardo, actually a small little place outside of there called Las Croabas. We've rented a condo for the week with our friends from home, John and Janice Bradley. 

Scenery leaving Ponca. 
Our drive from Ponce was very nice. We stayed on the highway until we were in Arroyo. At the point we took smaller roads that kept us close to the water. We checked out a few lighthouses, unfortunately we couldn’t get into either of them today, but they were both pretty. The lighthouses in Puerto Rico are different than most we’ve seen along the east coast of the US. They are built with a neoclassical style. Past the Punta Tuna Lighthouse we felt like we could have been in Greece the mountains come right down to the sea. Homes and businesses are built hanging on to the side of the mountain...it was beautiful. 

Punta Figuras Lighthouse was first lit by the Spanish government in 1893. The light was relocated in 1938, and the structure was deactivated and abandoned. During World War II, the lighthouse was used as a lookout.
The Punta Tuna Lighthouse from the cliffs.
Punta Tuna Lighthouse was built in 1890 by the Spanish government to alert mariners of the coast. It was commissioned in 1892, and continues to be in service today. It's located on the southeast tip of the island. 
Scenery near Punta Tuna Lighthouse
We stopped for lunch at a small little place called Tivoli. We had to give it a try since that's the name of a very small town between our home in Port Lavaca and where we keep Texas Pearl in Rockport. The food was good, the beer was cold and the people were very friendly. Our next stop was the Puerto Del Rey Marina. Stan can never pass up an opportunity to look at boats. It's a beautiful marina filled with hundreds of beautiful boats. It would definitely make a good home away from home for Texas Pearl, if we weren't so attached to our family especially the grandkids.

Lunch at Tivoli. 
Puerto Del Rey Marina near Ceiba.
By the middle of the afternoon we were settled into our home for the week with a nice little pool and the beach across the street. Our plans for the week include hiking, beach combing, relaxing and exploring. 

Our home for the next week.
Our first meal in Fajardo was at La Estacion. 
John and Janice enjoying the evening at La Estacion.

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