"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

January 28, 2011

Jan. 27-28 - A Night on the Water

Another break in the weather gave us a chance to take the boat out and make sure everything is working properly. We had a few issues Stan will need to look at before we leave. It always seems like something needs to be tinkered with. The water was beautiful...very smooth and clear.

We anchored off of Powderhorn Lake in Matagorda Bay. It was a beautiful day. We took the dinghy down and rode into Indianola Fishing Center and enjoyed a beer on the deck. It gave me a chance to get some great pictures of the pelicans.

A friendly visitor
Little Pearl at Indianola Fishing Center
Brown Pelicans
Little Blue Heron 
We woke up this morning to a cold cabin...53 degrees. Yikes! Stan turned on the generator and it warmed up pretty quick. Warm bed, hot coffee and Good Morning America...life is good. It was a beautiful morning, a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.

January 17, 2011

Jan. 17 - First Blog Entry from The Pearl

The weather finally cleared up after a week of rain and cold weather, so we decided to take the boat out and enjoy the sun. We are spending the night on the boat so I decided I would test out our mifi connection and post to the blog. Not a lot to tell so I will just share a few photos.

Brown Pelican (Adult)
Brown Pelican (Youth)
City Harbor
Captain and First Mate

January 9, 2011

Jan. 7 - Little Pearl

We finally put our dinghy on the boat.  Stan still needs to finish some of the hardware that will hold the dinghy in place, but ropes did a good job of filling in for the weekend.  We took the boat out on Friday…it’s been two months since we have been out on the water.  Way too long.  We anchored out at Alamo Beach, lowered the dinghy and gave it a test run.  It worked great, very easy to launch and easy to haul in when we were ready to leave.  Stan even did a little fishing on it while I relaxed on the boat.  This is going to be a very useful dinghy.

I have ordered a stencil so we can paint the boat name and home port on the bottom of the dinghy.  It seems like there are a million little details to take care of, but we are getting closer to being ready to leave on our trip.

Little Pearl
Looking at The Pearl from Little Pearl