"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 29, 2013

June 28 - Warwick, RI

Wharf Marina

We woke up to fog again this morning and then a small storm moved through our area…definitely not a pretty morning. We have a 60% chance of rain for the next three days, so we decided to give up on seeing any other ports in Rhode Island for now and take the boat to Warwick. This is where we'll leave it when we fly home next Monday.

We plan to rent a car for the weekend so we can see a few sights and run a few errands. We also want to go look at a boat that is for sale close by...not seriously looking for a new boat yet, but just getting ideas.

Our trip this morning to Warwick was in the fog. It wasn't too bad as we left Newport, but it got thicker as we crossed Narragansett Bay to Warwick. Visibility was down to about 1/4 mile...not too bad and it gave Stan a chance to play with our new radar. It was good experience and practice for when we get to Maine.

We went by three lighthouses...this is the only one I could even make out. Rose Island Lighthouse
Luckily this ship was anchored when we came by.

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