"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 28, 2013

June 27 - Newport, RI

Newport Yachting Center (Mooring)

We spent an extra day in Newport because the fog rolled in this morning and basically stayed all day. It did lighten up a little this afternoon, so we took the dinghy into town and spent a little time walking around. The next three or four days don't look good weather wise...back to the rainy dreary weather. Last week was the first week since we returned to the boat in February that we haven't gotten rain...everyone in this area was hoping summer had finally arrived.

We have friends in Canada this summer, doing the same trip we did last year. They were lucky they made it through the Erie Canal when they did. It was closed because of high water while they were in it...they were trapped between locks until the water went down. It's been closed again for over two weeks, this time because of high water and damage from debris to a lock gate. New York has gotten a LOT if rain this year. We know there are a lot of boats just sitting and waiting for things to improve...essentially trapped until it does! I'm glad we did that trip last year...I don't like the rain we've had, but it could be worse.

Just two of the many mega yachts docked in Newport
Today wasn't a picture friendly day, so I'm using a few I took when we were here in 2009. This sculpture is near the waterfront in Newport, it's called The Wave. I tried in 2009 and again today to find out more about it...no luck
Trinity Church – the parish was founded 1698 and this building has been in use since 1726. It features the only three-tiered, center aisle wine glass pulpit in America and has Tiffany stained glass windows. 
A lot of the buildings in Newport were built in the 1700 & 1800's.
One of my favorite lighthouse pictures. This is the Castle Hill Lighthouse near Newport.


  1. July 4th in Newport not a bad place to be held up. If your belong to a local elks lodge possibly the best place to be for July 4 th would be a stones throw Way in Bristol Ri. The Elks lodge has a dock there which would be every reasonable or maybe even free . Bristol has the oldest July 4th celebration in the country.
    Jim and Dale McGovern
    Loopers 2011-2012

    1. We heard about that celebration...and were amazed it's been going on so long. It would be fun, but we are going home this week and will spend the 4th with our granddaughter. We are really looking forward to see our family. I hope you have a great holiday.