"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 25, 2013

June 24 - Mystic, CT

Brewers Yacht Yard

We spent the day at the Mystic Seaport; it was like stepping back in history 200 years. The Mystic Seaport is the nation's leading maritime museum. Founded in 1929. It’s a living history museum consisting of a village, ships and 17 acres of exhibits depicting coastal life in New England in the 19th century. The Seaport is home to four National Historic Landmark vessels, including the Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaleship in the world. The buildings used to recreate the village are actual trade shops and businesses from the 1800s that were transported to Mystic Seaport from locations around New England. Each full of history of it’s own and items that would have been found in them during that time.

We were able to board several ships and see what life was like for the sailors on board. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have wanted to go to sea in that day. The living space was much smaller than what we have on our boat, plus no bathroom facilities. Can you imagine the smell...dirty men and dead fish! Life on the sea is much easier today. The Charles W. Morgan has been under going major renovations since 2008 and will be returned to the water next month. Visitors can still board the boat and see what life was like on a whaleship, but today they were moving the boat in preparation for the launch, so it was closed to the public. If you are in this area of Connecticut, this is a must do.

The Joseph Conrad built in 1882
The Seaport general store
One of the streets in the Seaport village
The Shipsmith Shop, the Chandlery and the Ropewalk buildings.
Stan on the deck of L.A. Dunton a fishing schooner built in 1921.
A special display today was a collection of steam powdered automobiles. Stan said it was a Stanley Steamer day...since we got to see these cars and because it was a very hot and humid day. First hot day this summer here in New England.

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