"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 4, 2018

Thousand Islands Lighthouses

I've enjoyed taking pictures of lighthouses since we left Texas in 2011. I have a lighthouse map and an online photo album with 267 lighthouses that I like adding new lighthouses to. The past year or so I haven't seen too many new lighthouses, but our trip to the 1000 Islands gave me a chance to collect a few more.

Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse - There have been a series of lights marking the entrance to Oswego harbor since 1821. This is the most recent and only one remaining today. It was built in 1834.
Stoney Point Lighthouse - First built in 1939, a new tower was built in 1869 to increase its visibility. It's near Henderson Harbor, NY.
Horse Island Lighthouse - Built to guide mariners into Sackets Harbor, the first lighthouse was established in 1831 and replaced in 1871. It's a private island now and only the top of the light can be seen from the water.
Galloo Island Lighthouse - Built in 1820, construction of a replacement limestone lighthouse was completed in 1867.
East Charity Shoal Lighthouse - A buoy was placed on the shoal in 1900. In 1934, a more permanent solution was created when the old pier light form Vermillion on Lake Eerie was placed on the concrete pier and base on the shoal.
Tibbetts Point Lighthouse - Located in Cape Vincent, New York, it was the first Thousand Islands lighthouse built at the outlet of Lake Ontario in 1827. 
Wolfe Island Lighthouse (Québec Head) - It was built on the eastern shore of Wolfe Island in 1861 to mark the route to Kingston to the North and Lake Ontario to the south. It's a short 20' tall "pepper pot" structure. The owners of the land around the light built a replica of the Thomas Point Shoal light (located in the Chesapeake Bay) as their summer cottage.
Rock Island Lighthouse - Established in 1847 and rebuilt in 1903. It's owned by New York Parks and open for visits during the summer months.
We took our dinghy over to the island and had a chance to climb to the top. It gave us a great view of the river...unfortunately the windows were pretty dirty and I didn't get many good pictures.
Sunken Rock Lighthouse - Established in 1847, the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1882.
Sisters Island Lighthouse - Built in 1870 and is now privately owned.
Crossover Island Lighthouse - this light station was established in 1848, but completely rebuilt in 1899. It's now privately owned.
Cole Shoal Front Range Lighthouse - Erected to mark a rocky shoal which lay in the river off property owned the Cole family in 1860. The lantern was removed in 1923.
Cole Shoal Rear Range Lighthouse - Erected in 1917 to serve as a rear range to the 1860 Cole Shoal Light. It was deactivated in 1923 and is privately owned.
Prescott Lighthouse - The light was originally on the redbrick building known as the Dominion Lighthouse Depot, that sat along the waterfront in Prescott from 1903 to 1985. When the old building was demolished in 1986 the light was saved and placed on this new building in 1989. It serves as an ice cream shop and visitor center during the summer.
Of course this isn't a lighthouse, but I forgot to add it to another post. This island is very close to Heart Island where Boldt Castle is, it's called Just Room Enough Island. Just Room Enough Island, also known as Hub Island is the smallest inhabited island, located on the United States side of the Thousand Islands.

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