"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 26, 2014

Oct. 25 - New Orleans, LA

Miles to Rockport, TX - 529

We usually plan our day the night before. How far we travel depends on the weather, the way we feel and in this area what anchorages or marinas are available. The choices are limited right now. Our plan was to go to an anchorage (Rabbit Island) about 25 miles from the locks we have to do to get across the Mississippi River in New Orleans. There isn't anything else available except two small marines south of Lake Pontchartrain.

Since our plan meant we'd only have 40 miles to do today we slept in a little and took our time having breakfast and filling our water tank. It was another beautiful day and the closer we got to our anchorage the more we thought we should keep moving. So we called the marinas and made a reservation. Our short day now became a late day...we arrived a little after 5:00. It was a good decision to keep moving...we're just a few miles from the first lock and we had a chance to enjoy a good meal at the on site restaurant. If we wanted to enjoy New Orleans this would be a great place to stay. The French Quarter isn't that far away and the marina offers shuttle serve, but we're on a mission. So we'll keep moving.

Tomorrow we have two commercial locks to deal with...definitely not like the small ones on the Rideau Canal. These locks are used by tugs and barges to access the Mississippi River and pleasure crafts are not a priority, so we may have to wait awhile. I’ll be glad when tomorrow is over.

Not a photographic day. This is I10 going into New Orleans
Our view for dinner...looking towards Lake Pontchartrain.

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