"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October 1, 2013

Sept. 30 - Hampton, VA

Old Point Comfort - Anchorage 

We had a long day...100 miles of following seas. We felt like we were surfing all the way, not a good day for our autopilot. Besides the sea direction it was a beautiful fall day with blue skies and great temperatures. The best thing about this part of the Chesapeake, for me, is we begin to see dolphins again. I love to watch them play at the bow of the boat. It's fun to see them come from all directions towards the boat to take turns swimming in front of us. At one time I saw 5 or 6 darting around and breaking the surface. I never get tired of watching them play. 

We are anchored near Hampton, Virginia across Hampton Roads from Norfolk. This is the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. Tomorrow we'll pass the Navy shipyards and the port of Norfolk and be back in the ICW. 

We passed lots of great lighthouses again today, but I've included them in the blog before, so this time I'll just share the link to my lighthouse album.

Fish trap coming out of Solomons...notice the pelican?
We haven't seen pelicans or dolphins since last May...nice to see them again.
The view from our anchorage

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