"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 2, 2013

Sept. 1 - Jersey City, NJ

 Liberty Landing Marina

What a wonderful weekend we've had. We visited for hours with friends on Gallivant on Friday and our son, Kyle and his wife Bryt flew in from Texas on Saturday. We had a wonderful afternoon cruise in New York harbor...taking in all the normal sites, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. After the cruise we enjoyed happy hour on the flybridge watching the reflection of the sun set on the buildings in Lower Manhattan. The view from this marina is amazing. The day was topped off with dinner at Liberty House Restaurant, with a view of the lights in Manhattan. What a great day. 

Saturday we had more guests come aboard. Brytanie's family from California were on their way to Boston and came by for breakfast. Kyle fixed a nice breakfast while we visited. We took our new guests on the same harbor cruise...there really isn't a better way to enjoy the sights, than on a private boat. 

After a wonderful look at the harbor we piled into the Piana's jeep and headed into the city for lunch. Cynthia looked up the best places to eat as Kyle found a parking garage. Both did a great job and we were parked and sitting at an outside cafe in record time. We ate at Adrienne's Pizzabar located on Stone Street. This small cobblestone street is nestled in New York’s Financial District and is reminiscent of its 17th  century roots. Stone Street was paved with cobblestones in 1658 and reports claim it was the first paved road in New Amsterdam (renamed New York in 1667). As we were eating our friends Pam and Donny came by...we had a nice afternoon just hanging out. Although I feel a little guilty we didn't get to spend much time, hardly any, in Central Park. A day and a half just isn't enough time to see New York City, but we had a great time taking in the sights we could. The best part of the weekend was having Kyle and Brytanie onboard and having time to visit with everyone. Thanks all for coming by!

Our guests - Kyle, Cynthia, Cassy, Bryt, and Tom
Tom having a good time on the Hudson River
Captain Kyle
Cassy and Bryt 
Tom, Bryt and Cynthia 
Family and friends on Stone Street
The Apple Store on 5th Ave.
Our last look at Manhattan from the Liberty Landing Ferry

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