"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 20, 2012

June 19 - Canajoharie, NY

More Locks
River Front Park

We had a pretty easy cruise today. We went through 5 more locks and raised another 61 feet...this is getting to be a piece of cake. We went past several locks today that were heavily damaged last year during Hurricane Irene. At Lock 10 the river took a new path through the parking lot and took out 100 year old buildings. They’ve hauled in tons of dirt to fill it in and force the river back into its old banks. It's amazing to hear the stories of how high the water was through this area...from the looks of things now you'd never know there was so much damage.

Most of the countryside today was rolling hills, used for farming. We saw lots of barns, fields and even some cows. Everything was beautiful and very green. We are docked in Canajohari, which is an Indian word meaning the pot that washes itself. We had help docking from some very friendly local people. We enjoyed visiting with them and getting some advice on things to see in town. We plan to stay here tomorrow and do a little more exploring. We were told there is a beautiful park with a waterfall a few miles from here; we'll ride our bikes there tomorrow...if the hills aren't too steep! We had dinner at a little Italian place called Mercato, just off the main street. It was good and our waitress was very friendly. There are gliders along the river, next to the dock, so we spent the evening visiting with people in the park and relaxing in the gliders. This is a great stop if there’s room on their dock...everything you need is within walking distance. The town provides free dockage, water and electricity...plus everyone we've met in town has been wonderful.

Our travels since March 2011
The dam at Lock 9
Pam's got the hang of this now!
Locking up
Scenery from todays travels
River Front Park in Canajoharie


  1. Hi! This is Sue. Met you yesterday at the dock in Canajoharie. Had a wonderful time visiting with you. Hope our information was useful in your enjoyment of our little village. Please pass the word about us and hope you make a return visit in the near future! Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey!

  2. He guys hope that all is well on your travels.Thank you for your very kind posts about our little town. We are very happy that you enjoyed your stay in Canajoharie. I would just like to point out that the town has an "E" at the end, but that's just fine with me. Your descriptions and pictures more than made up for the missing "E". If I can be of assistance to you or others in the future feel free to call me at 518-253-4900. Take care and be safe. David C. Johnson Dock Master Canajoharie, NY. johnson7862@roadrunner.com