"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 17, 2012

June 16 - Waterford, NY

Last Day on the Hudson
Waterford Canal Welcome Center Dock

We had another leisurely morning enjoying our breakfast on the flybridge, while we waited for the tide. This is the last day we'll have to think about the current in the river. Today we traveled past Albany and Troy. Albany is the capital of New York and I'm sure it's a nice city, but from the water it doesn't look very appealing...very industrial, with the freeway running right along the river. Just past Troy is the Federal Lock. The Federal Lock and Dam are 154 miles above the Battery in New York City and marks the head of tidal waters of the Hudson River. It is the first lock of the New York State Canal System.

We are docked at the Waterford Canal Welcome Center, which is at the base of the first lock of the Erie Canal. Waterford is a located at the junction between the Hudson River and the Erie Canal; it marks the official beginning of both the Erie Canal and Champlain Canal. It's a beautiful area and they really cater to cruisers. A nice couple talked to us right after we docked and offered to take us to the grocery store...going to the store in a car is a luxury when you live on a boat. Thanks M & M for the ride. After securing things on the boat Pam and I checked out the first lock. We rode our bikes up to the park at the top and took a look around. The guys went to a pub called the Anger Penguin. They found out they were having a Pub Sing later in the evening, so we went back for dinner. Once a month about 20 people gather to sing a cappella. Most of their songs were old sea shanties and folk songs. Their voices were amazing and we had a wonderful evening.

We saw lots of barns today.
Albany, NY
The Federal Lock and Dam at Troy
Gallivant entering the lock
Notice the difference in water level...they raised us 14'
Getting ready to exit the lock
Seven boats are on the dock and three are Monk 36...we hardly ever see Monks and now there are three of us here.
Waterford Canal Welcome Center Dock
Having a great time listening to some wonderful voices

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  1. Spent about an hour going over your web site. I really enjoyed reading about THE PEARL, it's overhall and refinishing you have done. I envy your nomadic journey. I could never get my wife to live in those confining quarters. Have a great and safe voyage.