"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

June 13, 2012

June 12 - Croton on Hudson, NY

Rain, Rain, Rain
Haverstraw Bay - Anchorage

Just to keep everyone from being too envious of our travels, let me remind you it's not all sunny, beautiful days when you're on a boat. Some days are wet, cold and very dreary...like today. Okay, it wasn't real cold, but cool enough I didn't mind having my rain gear on ALL day. The upper sixties seems very cold to Texans in June. We traveled about 36 mile today and most of it was in the rain.

We had a relaxing morning while we waited for the tide to change...which was around 10:00. We pulled away from the dock about that time and stopped for a pump out, by the time we finished with our necessities and visiting with another boater, it was 10:30. The tide had changed, but the current was still against us for the first couple of hours...so we moved very slowly up the Hudson past Manhattan. I had fun looking at the New York skyline, but Stan was too busy dodging ferries, police boats, barges and yachts to get much of a look. The shoreline on the New Jersey side quickly turned into steep cliffs, unfortunately that was about the time the rain started, but we could tell we were getting into a beautiful area. Our view today wasn't great, but we will be back this way next fall on our way south...hopefully we'll get a sunny day and I'll have a chance to get some better pictures.

We are anchored in Haverstraw Bay close to our friends on Gallivant, but the rain never let up enough for us to get together. We had a quiet night onboard...no TV reception, so we spent most of the evening on our computers and talking to people from home.

One last look at the World Trade Center
Empire State Building
Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum - The space shuttle Enterprise
George Washington Bridge - New York side
Our scenery is changing
Tarrytown Lighthouse

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