"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 26, 2011

Mar 26 – Pensacola, FL

Day 20 – Just Hanging Out
Palafox Pier & Yacht Harbour Marina

We just took it easy this morning, then walked down the street to the Port City Market.  It's a little farmers market they have on Saturday mornings.  We bought a few things and had fun visiting with some of the vendors.  Later we rode our bikes around the downtown area.  We found the Florida Public Archaeology Network as we were out peddling around…there were having a small festival in the park.  Lots of info on Pensacola’s past.  We stopped at The Fish House for lunch, it was wonderful.  We will be eating very light for dinner.  At the moment we are just relaxing and catching up on internet stuff (using the free wifi at Jaco's) and trying to figure out were to go next.  The rest of the day we plan on just hanging out.  Cruising can be very stressful!

 A cute doctor's office we found this morning.

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  1. So, you "took it easy" this morning? You made me laugh out loud at that remark!