"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 25, 2011

Mar. 24 – Pensacola, FL

Day 18 – Laundry and Blue Water
Palafox Pier & Yacht Harbour Marina
We are here…in Florida and the water is an emerald green.  Very pretty, I don’t think my pictures will actually show what the water looks like.  We had a short day on the water…we only traveled 24 miles and are docked in a marina in downtown Pensacola.   

The first thing on my agenda was laundry.  I sat in a little restaurant that over looks the marina while waiting for the wash.  Not bad…I had a chance to surf the web.  I updated things on the blog, read emails, and uploaded pictures to my picasa account.  When we finished all our work we took a walk through part of the historical section of Pensacola.

The dock master told Stan about a great fish market named Joe Patti's, so we rode our bikes over there to get fish for dinner. WOW what a place, it was huge. They had any kind of seafood you could think of. We bought a redfish fillet, half a pound of shrimp, two crabs and a loaf of fresh bread.  It made a great dinner...enjoying it on our deck in Florida made it even better.  
Our first look at Florida's pretty water
 Joe Patti's Seafood Market
 You name it and they had it
 Our celebration dinner -  Champagne and Wild Hibiscus Flowers from Kyle and Bryt
 Our view for a few days

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