"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 20, 2011

Mar. 19 - Ocean Springs, MS

Day 13 - Greetings from Mississippi
Ocean Springs Small Craft Harbor
We were joined in our anchorage last night by two sailboats. One was the Peregrin that we have been traveling with the last four days. We waited until 9:00 before we lifted the anchor, and it was still a little foggy.

After the fog burned off the weather was perfect for crossing the Mississippi Sound. Plenty of sunshine and light winds. As you can see from the pictures we were in very open water...quite a ways from shore. We're staying in a cute little town called Ocean Springs; it's just across the bay from Biloxi. On the way in we cruised by the Biloxi waterfront. There were a lot of activities going on...part of a parade, people at the beach, people out fishing and boating, and an air show that included the Blue Angels. It was fun to see all the action.

As we pulled into the little protected harbor several guys came out to help us dock. Both are full time live aboards. Ken, originally from New Zealand, came to dinner and shared his knowledge on up coming anchorages. He also helped Stan decide what to do about our anchoring system, which hasn't been holding the way it should. After dinner we took a walk around the harbor, surrounding neighborhood and down to the beach. This looks like a good place to spend a few days.

Sunrise in our anchorage
 The Mississippi Sound
 Gulf Port, Mississippi
 Biloxi, Mississippi
 The Blue Angels in the Angels Over the Bay air show
 The entry to Ocean Spring's Small Craft Harbor


  1. Hey Susie!
    I am absolutely LOVING your posts!! Frank and I have always dreamed about sailing through the islands off the east coast, but I'm thinking I like your plan better!! Now, to convince Frank.

    Looking forward to following you and enjoying your wonderful photos.

    Ronnie Shea

  2. Stan always wanted to sail, but there just isn't enough room on a sailboat. At least not the size we could afford. I just love our boat. We are really have a great time.