"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 18, 2011

Mar. 18 – Rabbit Island, LA

Day 12 – The Mississippi River
Rabbit IslandAnchorage

This is the day I had been anxiously waiting for with dread and excitement. After waiting for the fog to lift we headed for the Harvey Locks. We didn’t have to wait…they instructed us to come in on the starboard side and they would throw a line down to us. I tied one of our lines to theirs and they took it up to the top of the lock. I held the line taught, letting it out a little at a time as we raised 11 feet to meet the Mississippi River. Once we were level with the river the lock doors opened and we were in the mighty Mississippi

The river was not too busy, but it was full of logs, branches, lumber and other debris. We traveled about eight miles down the Mississippi; pass New Orleans to the Industrial Locks. We had to wait about twenty minutes as a barge locked through…then we did the same process to lower us back to the level of the ICW. All in all it was a simple process and we had no problems.  Now that we have New Orleans and the Mississippi River behind us…I feel like we are finally on vacation. 

The rest of the day was peaceful. We are anchored for the night…going to grill hamburgers and watch the big moon come up.

Going through the Harvey Locks
 Level of the water when we entered the Harvey Locks
 Stan helping to hold the boat on the wall
The Mississippi River (notice the difference in water level on the lock doors)
The depth finder reads 101 feet...it was even deeper at times.
New Orleans
Jackson Square
The Industrial Locks when we entered
The Industrial Locks as we were leaving

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  1. Hi Susie and Stan,
    Enjoying your blog and photos. What an amazing trip/adventure you are on. I remember you telling me a while back that you were going to do this! Awesome!
    -Pam Neuman