"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 17, 2011

Mar. 17 – Harvey, LA

Day 11 – Getting Ready for the Mississippi River
Boomtown Casino

It was a beautiful day on the water…although the banks of the river were very ugly in most of the area we were in today. Industry everywhere.  

We are just a few miles away from the Mississippi River. We'll go through the Harvey Locks tomorrow morning and be raised about twelve feet…when the lock doors open we will be in the mighty Mississippi.  Stan is busy mapping out our route for tomorrow.  We decide where we will stay the next night and he programs the chart plotter so we have a course to follow. 

Tonight we are docked by the Boomtown Casino. We tried our luck on the slots. We played for about an hour and broke even…not too bad. We had dinner at Pier 4; I wasn’t expecting much since it was a casino restaurant but we were surprised with a wonderful dinner. We both had pasta dishes and we have enough left over for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

This is the third night a sailboat has been docked with us. They are on their way to the Florida Keys.  Kind of nice to have other cruisers to talk to.

Our beautiful waterway
 Shipyard...building huge boats
 A Louisiana Cemetery
 Part of Boomtown Casino
Dockage near Boomtown Casino 

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