"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 16, 2011

Mar. 16 – Houma, LA

Day 10 – Fuel, Food & Exercise
Houma City Docks

We ran into a traffic jam on the ICW this morning leaving Morgan City. You have to check into Berwick Traffic control as I call it when you get close to Morgan City. They keep track of all boat traffic in the area. A little like an air traffic controller. So we had to check back in with them when we left the dock this morning and they let us know what traffic was a head of us. Then we had to call the Bayou Boeuf Locks to let them know we were coming….we had to wait for a barge to exit the lock before we could go through.  This time we locked through with a barge. Stan said it was no big deal. Glad I wasn’t driving the boat. We had a lot of barge traffic for about an hour.

Our destination today was HoumaLA. As we got closer to Houma we saw the first homes on the ICW since we left Matagorda. Huge homes! We even saw a bill board….we are definitely back in civilization.

On our way to the city docks we stopped at Retif Oil and Fuel to fill up with diesel. We hold 320 gallons and still had plenty of fuel, but the price is better here than in Florida…so we filled up. After docking we finally had a chance to wash the salt off the boat. 

We rode our bikes three miles to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping. We didn’t mind the length of the trip, but most of it was on a busy road. I was glad when we were safely home on the boat. We decided it would be more relaxing to buy a steak and cook on the boat than get out in traffic again. The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed cooking on the grill.

Billboard on the ICW
 Beautiful homes on the ICW near Houma
 Home away from home in Houma, LA...notice how dirty the ICW has made the bow of the boat : (

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