"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 15, 2011

Mar. 15 – Morgan City, LA

Day 9 – Civilization
Morgan City Docks

Travel was slow today…we had a strong current against us so it made our slow boat a little slower.  The banks of the ICW are getting higher and there are a lot more trees. We are docked in Morgan City which is located on the Atchafalaya River. It’s not the best facilities, but we have electricity and water. We really were in need of water. Yeah for longer showers

I finally made room in the freezer for an ice tray…I really have missed my ice! Stan made improvements on the shower…now the shower curtain won’t attack him. It’s amazing after being on the boat for a week…the small things that are making us happy.

The neighborhood right off the docks is made up of nice old homes, city hall, the library, a park and several nice restaurants. The only problem we found was the restaurants were closed on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone one here is very friendly and we got directions to a little family run place called Rita Mae’s. We had a nice home cooked dinner. On the way back to the boat we talked to several people sitting on their porches. How southern can you get?  We really had a great time…talking to the local people is our favorite part of the trip.

Cote Blanche Cable Ferry - Cars are transported on this ferry by pulling a cable across the ICW
Railroad bridge is up so boats can go by
Our home for the night - Morgan City Docks
Railroad bridge down with a train crossing
Morgan City city hall


  1. I found your blog through Bradley, and I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures and seeing the photos. You're very courageous! I look forward to seeing and hearing about the rest of your trip!

  2. I went to your blog too...I love your photos. You are very talented. We are having a wonderful time so far. Every day is something new.