"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

March 13, 2011

Mar. 12 – Lake Arthur, LA

Day 6 – Through the Bayou
Mementau River - Anchorage

Sorry for the delay in posting.  We knew we would have poor cell coverage in this area.  The first two paragraphs I wrote on our way here today.  The area we are in now is a major improvement over the past few nights.

It is definitely about the trip not the destination at the moment.  Our last few anchorages were just places to stop for the night.  I will be glad to be out of the petrochemical industrial area.  Last night’s anchorage was surrounded on three sides by the glow of refineries.  Not my idea of a cruiser’s paradise.

We have been eating well on board.  I even made brownies last night.  No towns near by for eating out or shopping.  In fact we haven’t stepped on land since we left Freeport Wednesday morning.  We have taken the dinghy out each afternoon to do a little exploring.  We may have a dock tomorrow night, but I don’t think there will be much of anything else in the area.  Once we get to Houma, LA there will be a little more civilization and we might be able to eat out and pick up some fresh fruit and veggies. We should get there on Tuesday.

At the moment we are anchored out in the Memntau River.  It is very remote, quiet and beautiful.  We had an easy run today...went through one lock and two pontoon bridges. 

Calcasieu Locks
Grand Lake Pontoon Bridge - you call them on the radio and the swing open the bridge
Our evening view from the stern of the boat
More nice views
Our wonderful sunset

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