"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

April 30, 2016

April 29 – Little River, SC

Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination." —Alfred D. Souza

We've enjoyed two pretty days on the water. Yesterday was a little warm and it reminded us why we need to keep moving north. Most of our travel since leaving Charleston has been in the Waccamaw River. The scenery is very pretty as it runs along the lowcountry in South Carolina. As we moved closer to Myrtle Beach it changes from marshland to cypress woods. Besides a noticeable change in vegetation, I also noticed we have gotten rid of the no seeums…they’ve been driving me crazy the last couple of weeks.

The Internet is a great tool for us as we travel. We keep up with the weather and waterway conditions, we can do research on the places we stop and it the best part is it helps us keep up with family and friends. It also allows us to be a part of boating communities online, which gives us a chance to exchange experiences and knowledge with others. I’ve made a lot of boating friends online through our blog and Facebook boating groups and tonight I got to visit with one of them. We had a great time getting to “really” know each other and I hope we see her and her husband on the water again.

A beautiful day on the Waccamaw River
Our sunset at our anchorage last night behind Butler Island 
Typical scenery from today 
We've noticed these gondolas each time we've come into Myrtle Beach They run golfers across the ICW, but it looks like the golf course has been closed and they were not running.  
We see a lot of wildlife when we travel, but today was the first time we've seen a coyote swimming across a river...we also spotted an alligator and an eagle.
Socastee Swing Bridge

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