"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

April 3, 2015

April 2 – Great Guana Cay

Fishers Bay – Anchorage

“You can shake the sand from your toes, but it will never leave you soul.”

We spent a relaxing day on Guana Cay. Guana is famous for Nipper's a restaurant and bar that over looks one of the prettiest beaches on the Atlantic in the Abacos. There aren't any tourist attractions on Guana. Just a little settlement with a few restaurants that have pools, a couple of gift shops and a grocery store. All located around a small cove named after the pirate William Kidd. The main attraction in Guana Cay is the water...over five miles of beautiful beaches and a wonderful reef just off shore. Snorkeling and diving can be done from the beach.

We probably should have snorkeled today while the sea was so calm, hopefully tomorrow will be just as pretty. But we spent our day strolling on the beach and then enjoying one of Nipper's famous rum punches while taking in the view and visiting with new friends. We've seen 5 or 6 other Monks while we've been in the Abacos. We met the couple on September Song in Hope Town and we've seen Amen several times. Today we met the owners Jim and Kitty while we were at Nippers. We even had a chance to tour their boat before going with them and another couple to Orchid Bay for happy hour and a nice sunset. We enjoy checking out other Monks and we enjoyed making new cruising friends today.

This fig tree is like the town square...the place where people meet and visit and watch the boats come and go.
The beach below Nipper's
Our view while enjoying a rum punch
Grabber's is another restaurant and bar on the beach. They over look the Sea of Abaco.
What a great way to finish a day in paradise

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