"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

January 3, 2015

Jan. 3 – Marathon, FL

Sombrero Resort & Marina

“Boats, vessels of freedom, harbors of healing” — Kenny Chesney

It's hard to explain to non-boaters what it is that we love about boats, but the more we’re on the water the more time we desire to spend on it. We just feel more complete when we can see the water, feel its movement and hear its sounds. Being on the boat fills our senses and makes us feel alive. Boating is fun, it improves our quality of life, it reduces our stress, it provides us with opportunities for personal growth and it’s a great way for us to bond with family and friends.

People ask us all the time “how long are you going to be on vacation this time”? Our reply is, “this isn’t a vacation, it’s a way of life and we’ll do it as long as we are able and still enjoying ourselves”. It’s beyond most people’s comprehension…that we travel and live on a boat as a way of life and we love it.

Traveling by boat is completely different from traveling by car. A long day cruising on a boat isn’t the same as spending a stressful day behind the wheel of a car (or RV). There are no lanes to stay in; no traffic lights to worry about and there are rarely any other boats close to you. The autopilot keeps you on track most of the time, and you only need to take a break from relaxing or sightseeing to make sure you stay in deep water. Of course it’s not always that simple or stress free, there are places that can be a very stressful…shallow water, busy harbors and unexpected weather conditions. But most of the time life is great on our boat.


  1. I'll bet Pearl was glad to see you all back!

  2. You are right in that being on a boat gives you long relaxing periods followd by periods of great stress (when the weather is wrong or going into somewhere new). Having said that we went back to the UK for 2 weeks over Christmas and were the most stressed out we have ever been. All we wanted was to get back to our boat.

  3. Lovely website, enjoyed the pictures - is that part of the Great Loop you've done? - we did it a few years ago and just loved it!

    1. We started out intending to do the great loop, but got side tracked on the east coast. One day we might actually come down the rivers and finish it, but for now we're just exploring a little here and there.