"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

January 17, 2015

Jan. 17 – Marathon, FL

Sombrero Resort & Marina

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ―Mahatma Gandhi

We've been staying busy in paradise. There's a little something for everyone and you can definitely stay as busy as you like. This week was a little cooler and most mornings were cloudy, but we did get a little sun every day. Here are a few of the highlights of our week. We played softball again on Tuesday...or I should say Stan played. We played so hard last week that we both were still a little stiff. I thought I was doing a lot better until I ran to second base...I strained my quadricep muscles on my left leg. Wow...I don’t remember having a muscle hurt so much. Walking and riding my bike I'm ok but running is out for awhile. Stan played but he was pretty beat up too...kind of sad considering we are the youngest ones playing. Safer activities this week included time at the pool, lunch with friends, an evening listening to ukulele music at Dockside, a few boat projects, a basket weaving class and happy hour on the dock. Of course there's always the normal life things that keep us busy too like doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, bookkeeping and cleaning. No matter where you live or what your home looks like certain things have to be taken care of. It was a busy fun week and we look forward to our friends arriving this coming week.

Joe is batting, he is 88. He doesn't run the bases but he does a great job at batting and fielding.
Evelyn at first base is in the women's softball hall of fame (she's in her mid 80s)
Ukulele night at Dockside Tropical Cafe
The parking lot at Dockside Cafe
Pine needle basket...I'll have more info on this in a later blog, but it is a lot of fun.
Lunch at Castaways with Sara and Larry off of Muskrat 
We picked up a little friend while we were having lunch

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