"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 9, 2012

Sept. 8 - Cape May, NJ

Waiting on Weather
Utsch's Marina

There's a cold front moving this way this evening so the day was very windy (20-25 mph), definitely not a good day to head up the Delaware Bay.We traveled 308 miles in the last four days, so we were happy to have a day toplay. It's hard to believe we made from Waterford, NY to Cape May, NJ in just four days.

We rode our bikes to the Cape May Point State Park. Nowhere near as long a ride today as last Saturday, but it felt harder with the higher temperatures, humidity and wind. We also walked along the lookout and saw how rough the Atlantic Ocean was today and were glad we were in a marina. Cape May is a cute beach town full of little shops and restaurants. We stopped at the pedestrian mall and wandered through the same shops we saw last June. Some of the stores are nice gift shops with beach art, jewelry and clothing; the others have the typical tour items. We had  lunch at Stewarts, an old fashion soda fountain and then went back to the boat. Stan rinsed off the boat...it was covered in a layer of salt from our trip in the Atlantic. David and Barbara on Memory Maker..too are here waiting on the winds to die down also. We spent some time this afternoon visiting with them. Our dinner at the Lobster House was so good last night we decided to go back this evening. It's surprising how good seafood tastes when you haven't had any for three months. The front blew in just as we were coming back to the boat…once it blew in the winds died down. Looks like we may move up the Delaware Bay tomorrow.

Our morning view
Cape May Lighthouse located at Cape May Point State Park
Battery 223 was built in 1942 as part of the "1940 Harbor Defense Program". It sits at the tip of the New Jersey Coast where the Delaware River and the Atlantic meet.
This map shows the New Jersey shoreline and where we have come from in the last few days. The red dots are the stops we made.

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