"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 30, 2012

Sept. 29 - Baltimore, MD

Henderson's Wharf Marina

Today Stan and I did separate things...that doesn't happen very often when we're cruising. One of the friends we're made at Henderson's is a fisherman who runs a charter serve from the marina. Stan offered to be Don’s deck hand if he needed help one day. Today was the day...it was just a three hour trip and they stayed in the Patapsco River, which is where Baltimore is located. He was the first mate for a change...in charge of the lines, baiting hooks and cleaning fish. Not a glamorous job, but he had a great time.

While Stan was on the water I spent the day at two of  Baltimore's many museums. Today was the Smithsonian Magazine museum day; participating museums all over the U.S. were open free to the public. I went online and printed out tickets for the American Visionary Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Both were interesting but I enjoyed the art museum the most. The American Visionary Art Museum is America’s official national museum for self-taught intuitive artistry. Founded in 1995, this unique art attraction has a permanent collection and holds year long exhibits showcasing pieces centered on one theme such as faith, substance abuse and war and peace. The museum houses galleries, a sculpture barn and plaza, a giant whirligig, and a wild flower garden. The Baltimore Museum of Industry is located in an old cannery, and has exhibits on various types of manufacturing and industry that have been prominent in Baltimore from the early 20th century. The BMI galleries recreate parts of a cannery, a garment loft from 1900, a machine shop from 1900, a print shop, Dr. Bunting's Pharmacy (where Noxzema was invented), as well as exhibits on the food industry (McCormick, Domino Sugar, Esskay). In the Decker Gallery, the Milestone wall documents inventions and processes discovered first in Baltimore and Maryland. This includes the gaslight, oldest Silversmith, railroad, umbrella company and the first portable drill…just to name a few. The BMI is also home to the Baltimore, the oldest surviving steam tugboat and a National Historic Landmark.

This evening we hang out in Fell's Point with Pam and Donny. There are so many little pubs to try in this area. We seem to the stop at the same places, but this evening we made it one new place (The Point) and one old favorite place (Koopers). Stan and I even went back for a nice dinner at The Point and had Lobster Risotto. Very good!

First Mate Stan
American Visionary Art Museum 
Lusitania made from 193,000 tooth picks and 5 gallons of glue!
A few other things I saw at the museum. I couldn't take pictures inside the gallery so these are borrowed from the Internet.
Baltimore Museum of Industry
Street performer in the Inner Harbor

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