"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 22, 2012

Sept. 21 - Baltimore, MD

Henderson's Wharf Marina

We were told that some of the best crab cakes in Baltimore were at Faidley’s at the Lexington Market, Stan decided he wanted to do a few projects on the boat, so Pam and I rode over to have one for lunch. They were very good and the price was even better. I would love to catch some crabs and make my own, but I don’t think that’s going to happen this year. We wandered around the market for a while and then I rode back to the Inner Harbor and did a little shopping. I really like riding my bike around this city…so many interesting things to see. I made chili and cornbread for dinner…it felt and smelled like fall on our boat!

Faidley's crab cake...click here for the recipe.
Pictures of the Inner Harbor
Pratt Street Power Plant near the Inner Harbor
United States lightship Chesapeake and the National Aquarium
Katyn Forest Massacre Memorial in Harbor East


  1. Thanks for the crab cake recipe…looks simple. I never thought about searching for it. We ate our last one this evening. It was still good! Found it interesting that you got tartar sauce. Did you ask for it? Every time we ordered the ‘lump crab cake’ it came with a couple saltine crackers on a bed of lettuce with ½ slice of tomato - no tartar sauce. If you go back over to the Lexington Market, try a Berger’s Cookie. Each cookie is piled high with fudge. We had one the first time we went over. The second time we were there, we bought a pound of them and then the day before we left Baltimore we went back over and bought 2 lbs. They’re good!

    1. We did ask for the tarter sauce and Pam asked for some tomatoes, they put them in a little container. We had the back fin cakes...didn't want to pay the extra buck for the lump, but they were good. We might have to go again and find those cookies. They sound very good. We found a Rum and Reggae festival today...but didn't go. There is always something going on here. We did ride our bikes out to Fort McHenry...it really wasn't too far. Hope you're having a good time.