"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

July 23, 2012

July 22 - Cape Vincent, NY

Crossing the Lake
Cape Vincent Bulkhead

Last night we were tied to the free wall in Oswego...free walls usually have no services, which means we have to run the generator a few hours to recharge our batteries. Late in the evening Pam came by and told us they were having issues with their generator and would have to remain in Oswego until they could work them out. We spent the morning trying to help them find a portable generator and parts to the one on the boat. By lunch time the weather was looking better for crossing Lake Ontario to the St. Lawrence River, so we decided to head out. Pam and Donny will catch up with us later in the week. We had one last lock to go through before entering the lake. Although the lake looked very calm, there were swells hitting us on our beam...that made it very uncomfortable for most of the trip. Stan had to do a little tacking to keep us from rolling quite so much.

This was the first time for us to be on a great lake, you definitely feel your entering the ocean...so big. We only saw a handful of sailboats and a few tankers. Our destination today was Cape Vincent, they have a free dock at the DEC Fishery. We arrived around 6:30 and there wasn't enough room for our boat, so we docked at the bulkhead. It turned out to the prefect place...nice view, plenty of breeze, good Internet reception and no worries if our music was bothering anyone. Very peaceful, we enjoyed a nice dinner on board and watched a beautiful sunset.

Cape Vincent, is where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario. The village was incorporated on June 14, 1853, making it one of the younger communities in the State of New York and the only community left with an automobile and passenger ferry to Canada crossing the St. Lawrence River.

Leaving Gallivant behind... :(
Oswego West Peirhead Lighthouse
Gallo Island Lighthouse
Lake Ontario...lots and lots of open water
Tippetts Point Lighthouse in Cape Vincent
Cape Vincent public dock
The Pearl on the bulkhead in Cape Vincent

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  1. you are going to have to go back to these places again!! Judy