"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

July 3, 2012

July 2 - Brewerton, NY

Work Day
Winter Harbor Marina

Today was a work day for both of us...the marina doesn't have washers or dryers so I took our laundry to the local laundromat. First time in my life I've done wash at a public laundromat. It was nice having the large machines and it took less than half the time it usually takes. Stan worked on servicing the engine; he changed the oil and oil and fuel filters. He’ll service the generator tomorrow, so we will be ready to cruise into Canada when we return from home.

Our friends, Pam and Donny, came into the marina today, so we spent the evening visiting with them. They will fly home on Wednesday and we will go home on Friday…we’ll both be back and ready to start cruising again on July 19. In the mean time we'll spend time catching up with family and friends, and we will welcome a new member into our family. Our first grandchild will arrive on July 9…we can’t wait to meet our little princess.

Our evening view

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