"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 8, 2011

Sept. 7 - Kent Narrows, MD

Day 173 - Still Raining
Piney Narrows Yacht Center

We've been on this great adventure for six months today, and we really have been lucky with weather. This is our first week we've actually been stuck somewhere when we'd really like to move on. We are thankful we are in a safe place, we have decent TV reception, a nice bathroom and we've been catching crabs. So it isn't all bad. We've had plenty of time to catch up on reading, cleaning, laundry and napping. It's also easier to cook when it's cooler, so we've been eating well.

The weather did clear a little this morning and we had a chance to take a walk. We went to the visitor center and picked up a little extra reading material. Brochures on several places we hope to get to in the next week or so.

We've had some heavy rain and lots of lightning this evening and the prediction is for more rain tomorrow. It looks like we may be here until Friday.

There not real big...but they're keepers

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