"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

September 5, 2011

Sept. 4 - Queenstown, MD

Day 170 - Exploring & Shopping
Queenstown Creek - Anchorage

We left our anchorage in good time this morning and made our way across the Chester River to Queenstown Creek. It was very busy today...boats everywhere. Today’s anchorage is very pretty, tree lined banks with farmland further in and lots of birds. It must be a popular spot, because by this evening we were joined by eight other boats.

After lunch we took the dinghy down and explored the little creeks past the boat. We can see signs of fall coming...some leaves are beginning to change color. We've noticed a lot of duck blinds on the eastern shore...I hope duck season starts after we leave. Most of the anchorages we have been in lately are surrounded by them. I'd hate to wake up to the sound of a hunter's gun.

Queenstown has an outlet mall, so we spent the afternoon shopping. We could have been anywhere in the country...they all look a like.  It felt like we were back in the real world. We spent the evening on the boat. I had fresh crab for dinner again...I think I like this new habit.

The Pearl in Queenstown Creek
Fall is on the way
One of the many duck blinds we have seen
Great Blue Heron
Old farm buildings
One of the little side creeks off Queenstown Creek


  1. Great blog and beautiful boat! My wife and I own an Albin 36 and will be cruising Eastern Bay starting this Thurs. (22 Sep) and plan on a night on the hook in Queenstown. I am curious where you docked your dingy. Thanks!

  2. We went in past the town dock, turned right and pulled all the way up past the watermen boats. You'll have no problem finding it. No one seemed to mine we were there. It's a pretty spot. Have fun.