"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

April 18, 2011

April 17 - Caladesi Island, FL

Day 42 - Beautiful Relaxing Day
Caladesi State Park Marina

We didn't decide until we got up this morning if we were leaving or staying another day.  It is very close quarters in this marina...most of the slips are for smaller boats. The boats across from us were quite large and we didn't think we could get out of our slip without hitting one of them. So...we decided to relax and enjoy the cooler weather that had come in during the night. It will be much easier moving around on the water tomorrow when most people are back at work. Our new friends Leslie and Greg decided to stay too. They let me borrow their kayak this afternoon to do a little exploring.

Most of the day I sat on the fly bridge playing sudoku puzzles, watching boaters come and go and relaxing.  It was a wonderful day. I wish this weather would last all summer. Stan spent his day getting more work done on the boat. Today he polished some of the stainless stanchions...we are looking good!

We got together on the dock again this evening with a few other couples. Visited and watched most of the other boats head for home. It's very deserted looking here tonight. I'm glad we were here on the weekend, we had fun watching all the action going on and seeing all the other boats.

Some of the boats in the marina today
 Our evening view
 Stan, Leslie, Greg, Neil and Pat

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