"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

The Move

“Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.” –Author Unknown

We made the decision to move our dirt domicile to Lewisburg, PA last fall, but knew we wouldn't move our things there until after Christmas. Weather kept us patiently waiting in January, but while we enjoyed our morning coffee on February 2 we decided it was time. The forecast for the coming week looked perfect...sunny and warmer weather in Pennsylvania. Stan had already spoken to the U-Haul place in Rockport about renting a truck so after breakfast he went and picked up a 26' truck. 

Our climate controlled storage unit was in Victoria so the rest of our day was spent driving to and from Victoria and loading everything we own into the truck. We're proud to say we loaded everything by ourselves. Not too bad for a couple of old people. On our way back to Rockport we picked up a car carrier. By dark we were loaded and ready to head north. 
The empty U-Haul
Our storage unit
Part way to a full U-Haul
Taking a break
All loaded
Our empty unit...so happy to have our stuff back.
Loaded and ready to go
We waited for the cold front to move through our area and get past Houston before we headed out. The U-Haul was pretty comfortable although it was a little bumpy. We left on Saturday and arrived at our house early in the afternoon on Monday. It was nice to park the U-Haul and be able to use our car again. We spent our first two nights with our family in Bloomsburg. It felt wonderful being back. 

On our way
Unloading the truck was a bigger job since we had to carry things further and some of the larger items had to go up stairs. I was grateful that Kyle had the morning off and helped us. I know we couldn't have done it without him. By February 7 we were sleeping in our new home and by Friday we were mostly unpacked. Hanging pictures took a little longer. We still have work to do and things we need to buy to truly make it feel like home, but we'll enjoy that process later in the spring. 

The first week in Pennsylvania was warm and beautiful. The second week we had snow...lots of snow. It really made everything look pretty. We were so glad we were there to see it.
We had lots of these little snowdrops and crocuses along our carport. 
One of my favorite things to have back are my mid century martini glasses. I call these snowtinis....a martini with a snowball.
The Lewisburg Farmers Market is just a few blocks from our house. They offer wonderful things for sale every Wednesday year round. 
We celebrated Valentine's Day at a little restaurant downtown called Elizabeth's. Great food and atmosphere. It even started snowing while we were there.
Stan had the grilled spring cress trout and I had the Bistro Cavatelli. 
One Saturday we went to the Rusty Rail Brewing Co for lunch. We lucked out and enjoyed a craft show they were holding on the second floor.
The grands are already enjoying our new home. It's going to be fun being so close to them.

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