"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

October Updates

"Autumn teaches us the beauty of letting go. Growth requires release...it's what the trees do." -Ka'ala
We've had a busy October and I've done a lot of posts, but as usual there are memories I wanted to document. This blog has become less about cruising and boats and more of a journal of our lives. A way to remember where and what we've done each year.

October started off by saying good-bye to Ithaca and The Pearl. We decided to move the boat up the lake to Cayuga to her winter home at Beacon Bay a week early since the weather was going to deteriorate quickly. We enjoyed our adventures in Lakewood and truly loved being close to Kyle and his family in Lewisburg. We're beginning to like this area of the country...at least most of the year. The countryside is beautiful, there are tons of places to explore, the fall colors are amazing and best of all there is family close by.

It was a beautiful warm day when we left our slip at Alan Treman State Marina.
Sunset at Beacon Bay Marina.
By the time we hauled out...fall had arrived.
First she gets a bath and then she is set up in her winter home.
Soon she will be shrink wrapped to keep out the cold wind and snow.
Fall looks amazing here.
Some of the fun activities we got to watch the grands take part in this fall. Graham is enjoying his karate class.
Cora loves her dance class, but we didn't get a chance to watch her. We did get a lot of time to play and we even went to a trunk or treat at their school.
Hattie loves to run and she belongs to a running club. She also is enjoying her first year in dance. I was very impressed with her talent.
Halloween is celebrated in a big way in Pennsylvania and it's fun being a part of it.

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