"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

Looking Back at 2021

"The best thing about memories...is making them." -Author Unknown

In January we said good-bye to our home and our life in Port Lavaca and moved aboard Texas Pearl. It feels wonderful being free to come and go as we please with less responsibilities.
February was spent enjoying our Texas grand daughters. Most of our weather was wonderful...all but one week when south Texas experienced a true Arctic cold blast. We were lucky to be on our boat and self-sufficient as most of Texas lost electricity and water.
March was a repeat of February, but with better weather.
April was a wonderful month...we were on our way back to the boat and back to a normal life.
In May we reconnect with family and friends. Being in Ithaca is like coming home. We love all the things it has to offer.
June was filled with family visits, water activities and exploring. The weather in upstate NY in June is simply amazing.
July was an extension of June filled with more family outings, catching up with friends and enjoying beautiful days.
August was spent traveling...first to Vermont with family, then to New York City to visit my friend and a week in Pennsylvania to help take care of our grandwonders. Life is never boring while we are here.
September was our last family vacation...we stayed on the Hudson River in a wonderful house and enjoyed going to Legoland.
We were very busy in October. Storing our boat for the winter, keeping our grands while their parents took a much needed vacation and heading west to Colorado.
November was our transitional month. We spent a week in Colorado enjoying the sights before coming back to Texas and settling back on Texas Pearl. It was time to reconnect with our Texas family.
Rockport was a great place to be this December...plenty of sunshine and the temperatures mostly in the 70s. It would be hard to find a better place to spend the winter. We spent the month catching up with family and friends.

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