"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

Why Living on a Boat is Better than Living in a House

Boat Nut: If you are one, there is no explanation necessary. If you aren’t one, there is no explanation possible.

Here are just a few benefits to living aboard full time instead of living in a house. 
1. You Can Move Your Boat & Live Anywhere.
If and when you want to move there's no getting the house ready to sell, listing it, showing it and looking for a new house…you simply untie the lines and move your home to a new location.

2. People Around You Pay Millions For Your View.
In a marina you have waterfront property for a fraction of the cost that homeowners in the same area are paying. In many cases, the view from the marina is even better.

3. The Cost Of Living On A Boat In A Marina Can Be Much Lower.
Boat owners in a marina pay a monthly rent for the boat slip. Most marina's will offer a large discount for taking out a long-term contract (6 months or more). Other costs can include electricity, insurance and a liveaboard fee...no property tax.

4. There Is Often A Wonderful Liveaboard Community.
The proximity of the boats and the need to walk the docks to get out of the marina gives you time to chat with your neighbors. If someone has an issue, everyone helps out and they keep an eye out for everyone else. The community is close knit and enjoy getting together for a chat and drink along the dock or aboard a boat in the evenings. It's easy to make friends in a marina.

5. Full-time Liveaboards Have Common Values.
Liveaboards all have a love for the water, most are interested in conservation, green technology and taking care of the planet. They value strong friendships and work very hard to make others feel welcomed and wanted. Conversations are more apt to be about boat projects, cruising destinations and fishing than current news topics.

6. Easy To Meet New Friends.
Marinas have the usual liveaboards and long-term tenants but they also have transients that come and go. One week you might meet an interesting couple who are migrating south for the winter and next week you could meet a sailor who has circumnavigated the world. Meeting these people is easy while you help them with their lines or share information on the area. Boaters become friends quickly and you can feel like you've known them forever, even after just a few days.

7. Keeping Up With The Jones Isn’t A Thing.
Due to the lifestyle, the typical person that lives on a boat is not interested in material possessions. They would celebrate with a neighbor who bought a new tender, rather than be jealous.

8. Less Space = Less Crap.
A reduction in space means a reduction in stuff that's a reward in its own right. On a boat, you only keep what you need. When something is no longer useful you pass it on.

9. Boaters Are Okay In A Flood.
You never have to worry about flooding, your house just rises with the tide. You can also move your home in the case of a hurricane...not true of a house.

10. Can’t Beat The Wildlife.
Besides the normal pets that people have, your neighborhood may also have dolphins, pelicans, sea birds, alligators, otters, seals and a variety of other beautiful creatures that you don’t find on land.

11. Cleaning Is Drastically Reduced.
Cleaning the whole boat takes a lot less time than cleaning a house and there’s no lawn to mow.

12. Time To Sell – Huge Marketplace Available.
When you want to sell your boat you’re not limited to selling it in your local area. Your target market can include the whole world.


  1. Love this! We've been full time liveaboards for four years! Jim and Stephanie - Floating Home

    1. We love our live on our boats. So freeing...it's not for everyone, but it's amazing to us.