"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

December 30, 2019

Looking Back at 2019

"My best memories are the ones we make together." ―Margaret Atwood

The highlight of January was taking our second trip to Costa Rica to enjoy a little relaxation and adventure. We spent two weeks on the west coast exploring Quepos, Dominical and Uvita.
February and March were slow months...mostly cold and wet, but we enjoyed hanging out with our Texas grands and visiting with friends.
The highlight of our year came in April, when we spent a week in Eleuthera with our whole family. What a wonderful time everyone had.
Here are a few of the family pictures we had taken while we were in Eleuthera.
By the first of May we had The Pearl back in her slip in Ithaca. We spent the month reconnecting with boating friends, playing with our PA grands and adding a new boat to our collection.
Our June was busy with cruising friends, family visits and time with Graham on the boat. It's a great time to be in upstate New York.
In July we took a cruise out of NYC to Bermuda to celebrate our 38th anniversary. We enjoyed Bermuda, but traveling on a large cruise ship isn't our favorite way to vacation.
In August we welcomed a new member to our family...Hattie Elizabeth arrived on August 26...while we waited for her arrival we enjoyed having Graham on the boat, visiting with friends and did a little hiking.
In September we spent lots of time with friends, family and really enjoyed being on the lake.
We also took a road trip in September. Our destination was Nova Scotia, but Hurricane Dorian was heading there too. So we had fun exploring New Brunswick.
October was all about spending time with family in Pennsylvania and Texas...with a few friends in Hilton Head thrown in too.
In November we spent a lot of time in Rockport enjoying the Texas Pearl, wonderful sunsets and the company of our Texas granddaughters.
December was a great month...the weather was wonderful. Lots of sunshine and amazing temperatures. Lots of family time and we made priceless memories with the grands.

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