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PA Covered Bridges & Cute Towns (Part II)

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When Kyle and Brytanie moved to Pennsylvania in 2016 we enjoyed finding covered bridges in their county. We haven't visited them all, but we've found seven just doing a little exploring. Pennsylvania is one of the leading states with the largest number of remaining covered bridges. 

We really enjoyed driving the back roads through Lancaster county. We had the chance to see some beautiful farms, cute little towns, lots of horse and buggies and we found six magnificent old covered bridges. There are 27 covered bridges in Lancaster County...so finding a few bridges was pretty easy. 

The Leaman's Place Covered Bridge spans the Pequea Creek and was built in 1845.
The Hunsecker's Mill Covered Bridge spans the Conestoga River, it was built in 1843 and is the longest single span covered bridge in Lancaster County. 
The Pinetown Bushong's Mill Covered Bridge spans the Conestoga River and was built in 1867. 
The Zook's Mill Covered Bridge, also known as Log Cabin Bridge, spans Cocalico Creek and was built in 1849. 
The Keller's Mill Covered Bridge was built in 1873. This bridge once spanned the Cocalico Creek at Rettew Mill Road, but due to increasing traffic, it was dismantled in 2006 and reassembled at Middle Creek Road in 2010. It's the only white covered bridge in Lancaster County. 
The Erb's Covered Bridge spans Hammer Creek and was built in 1849. 
I've never seen tobacco growing in a field before, but in Lancaster County it's one of the leading cash crops. There are 964 tobacco operations in the county and it ranks in the top 10 in the country in tobacco production.  
One of the little towns we discovered was Lititz...it's advertised as the 'Coolest Small Town in America'. The town is known for picturesque, tree-lined streets, unique shops, cafés, architecture and it's friendly atmosphere. We found all that to be true. The town was established in 1749 when the Moravian Church established a church settlement there. In 1784, a small bakery was started along Main Street that became the first pretzel bakery in America.
This building was built in 1877 and served as home to the Lititz Record Express newspaper until 2005. It's now home to the Zum Anker Alley Shoppes. The shop has a lot of cute stuff, but the store itself was the interesting part for Stan and me. 
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