"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 29, 2017

Texas Pearl Survived

Rockport Harbor

"I have inside me the winds, the deserts, the oceans, the stars, and everything created in the universe. We were all made by the same hand, and we have the same soul." —Paulo Coelho

Just a quick update until I have more time to do a complete post...we survived Hurricane Harvey with only minor damage. 
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  1. Yaaaaayyy!!
    I have been on the edge of my seat and scanning all photos of Rockport.


    1. Sorry it took me awhile. We found out on Saturday night that she was ok, just too crazy to think about posting. I did post to our Facebook page. Then today I thought I needed to let everyone else know. We are very relieved and truly blessed. Life is so good and we are so greatful for what we have.

  2. So Glad all is well! Things are fine up North! Jen

    1. Hopefully we'll be back up to Ithaca soon.

  3. Very good news! I know the feeling, I had a similar experience with a Camano 31 I used to own during Katrina, she came through, south of Houma, La. without a scratch.