"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 6, 2016

May 5 – Hobuckin, NC

Campbell Creek – Anchorage

“God promises a safe landing not a calm passage.” —Author Unknown

We woke up to a fairly nice day...it was a little cool and the sun was out. The day deteriorated from there...the clouds got thicker and the wind pick up, making it feel more like a Texas day in March than the first week in May. We had a bumpy ride up the Pamlico Sound and by the time we anchored in Campbell Creek it was beginning to rain.

As I've said before we have met a lot of wonderful people while we've been cruising and the boating community seems like a small world. Almost everyone we meet knows someone else we know. Between our blog and the boating/cruising groups I belong to on Facebook I have made many new friends we've never met. Tonight we had the chance to get to know some of them. A fellow Monk owner that lives on Campbell Creek texted me a few days ago when she knew we were going to be in the area and invited us to stop by on our way north. Stan had already chosen the creek as a possible stop for the night, so it was a great opportunity to make new friends.

We met another couple in Swansboro earlier in the week, but didn't get to visit very long because of the weather. Small world again…they know the crew of Lab Partners and were in the same anchorage. We all spent a lovely evening together in Beth and Ripp's home overlooking the creek sharing a wonderful meal and exchanging cruising stores. We keep making our cruising world a little bit smaller as our list of new friends keeps growing. We really enjoyed our evening getting to know the crews of Lab Partners and LaLi.

Rip, Laurie, Popper, Bill, Beth Callie and Stan
Campbell Creek
LaLi and The Pearl in Campbell Creek
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