"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 23, 2016

May 22 – Annapolis, MD

City Mooring Field

“If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of feet.” –Rachel Wolchin

We woke to another cold wet day, more of a fog, which meant Stan had to drive from the flybridge so he could use the radar. The Chesapeake becomes considerably narrower when you approach Annapolis with a lot to see along the shorelines and lighthouses in the bay, but our weather today made these treasures hard to see. It’s a beautiful area and I’m glad we’ve been through this area before on sunny days.

It was a Sunday and even with the bad weather there were a lot of boats sailing around Annapolis. As we entered the city mooring field we were greeted by our friends on Exuberant and then noticed there were many others boats in the mooring field we knew. We plan to spend a week here catching up with friends, doing a little exploring and seeing some of the historic sights. Annapolis is one of our favorite stops.

History Lesson: From its earliest days as a colonial capital city, Annapolis was known as the "Athens of America." Here one could find a wealth of cultural activities, a glitzy social season, gracious hospitality and intellectual stimulation. The small seaport brought visitors from around the world who shared the news of the day while enjoying the ambiance and wonderful seafood at the local pubs.

The capital of Maryland was originally called "Providence" when settled by the Puritans in 1649. The name changed many times until the Royal Governor, Sir Francis Nicholson, moved the capital here from St. Mary's City in 1694.  

It was Sir Francis who designed the city. He used a baroque plan similar to the magnificent capitals of Europe. He drew circles with radiating streets to create focal points and give importance to certain structures. In one circle is St Anne's, the Episcopal Church, regarded as the spiritual center of the city. In the other circle, rising over the harbor, is the State House, which is the seat of government. The Maryland State House (Capitol) is the oldest in the nation still in legislative use.

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse...on a prettier day
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse today 
The Maryland State House
Stan thought shepherds pie sounded like a good meal on this wet cool evening so we went to Galaway Bay, one of your favorite places to hang out in Annapolis. We lucked out and got to enjoy a little Irish music with our dinner.
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