"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

July 23, 2013

July 22 - Islesford, ME

Little Cranberry Island
Free Town Mooring

Another beautiful day on the water. The sights are wonderful, we went through the Deer Island Thorofare which is a channel that passes a group of islands know as Merchant Row. Merchant Row is an archipelago of 30-40 islands that are unsurpassed for beauty anywhere in Maine. It reminded us of the Thousand Islands in the Saint Lawrence, except here there's a twelve foot tide. As we came by Stonington we saw a familiar boat...it was Rhumb Line. We haven't seen them since Port Washington, New York. I gave Trish and Ted a call, but they are in Vermont and won't be back to the boat until Friday. Hopefully our paths will cross again later. Stonington is full of lobster boats...you can tell lobster is a way of life here and everywhere else on the Maine coast. Every inch of water is covered in lobster floats. It looks like someone has scattered confetti all over the water. The floats are very colorful, every lobsterman has a different color combination. Every float represents two or more traps, so the bottom is full. The lobsters don't have a chance. Maneuvering through them hasn't been an issue yet...definitely not a good place for our auto pilot. I can see it could be difficult when it gets foggy...another experience yet to come. 

We dropped our anchor in Stonington and went ashore to buy lobsters at the dock. What a fun experience. Everyone we've met so far in Maine has been very friendly...everyone today gave us advice on which lobsters to buy (the ones they thought were the sweetest and most tender) and how to cook them. We kept them in the refrigerator until we were ready to grill them this evening. Once we made our purchase we were on our way and are now moored on an island across from Mount Desert. What a view we have this evening...I don't think there's a bad view anywhere in Maine. Our plan is to dock at a marina in Northeast Harbor tomorrow and spend a little time exploring Mount Desert and Acadia National Park, but this evening we enjoyed the view and a wonderful lobster dinner. 

 Close to Stonington
One more picture of a seal...I'll try to limit these pictures in the future, but they are just so cute
Stonington, ME
Lobster dock in Stonington where we got our lobsters
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on Mount Desert
Lobster traps...everywhere. It looks like someone left trash in the water
Getting close to Mount Desert
The Cranberry General Store - went here to pick up a few things for dinner
Our lobsters on the grill
Islesboro at sunset

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  1. Another way to cook the lobsta on the grill......tent the whole lobsta in foil, add some beer and steam it. Yummy! Enjoy.