"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

July 12, 2013

July 11 - Block Island, RI

Great Salt Pond Mooring Field

Today looked like most of the other days we've had this cruising year, with high humidity, drizzle, fog, and thunderstorms predicted. We decided this morning we could sit on the boat and see nothing or just get out and make the best of it. We rode into town and had lunch on the deck of the National Inn. The view was wonderful, but not as colorful as yesterday. We enjoyed our lunches and then took off on your bikes for a tour of the island. The island isn't that large and the miles are not what makes it difficult...it's the HILLS. It all seemed up hill!

Our first stop was at the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse. It's one of the most visually striking lighthouses in the United States. Its tower is relatively short, but its flashing green light shines forth over 200 feet above the water due its elevated location on Mohegan Bluffs. Looking over the bluff here was breathtaking. We've never been to Ireland, but the view reminded us of the pictures we've seen. Especially since it was a bit foggy and misty. Our next stop was the beach. It was a bit of work to get to...over 200 steps down the Mohegan Bluffs and then further down over large rocks at the end. The reward was a spectacular view of the ocean crashing against the shore. The sound of roaring waves hitting the beach and water rolling the rocks as it receded back into the ocean was musical. Even though it wasn't a pretty day, it was a wonderful place to spend our 32 Anniversary. It's always nice when you're on the beach. The climb up the rocks wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but our legs were burning when we completed the stairs. What a work out.

We rode through the interior of the island on our way back to the Salt Pond, past fresh water ponds and pretty homes. Once we came by the airport we know it had to be downhill from there...our reward for working so hard going up!

The Oar is a restaurant that over looks the dinghy dock and out across the Salt Pond, they have chairs along the grass where we relaxed and watched the action going on. There are more than 250 boats anchored or moored in this area and another 100 or so at the marinas. There are dinghies running around every. We went back to the boat for awhile to clean up and relax before we went to Deadeye Dicks for dinner. We had a wonderful day in spite of the weather.

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse
Looking down the stairs leading to the beach

The south shore of Block Island 
This is the way up!
One more look at the beach
Some of the beautiful countryside. They have rock fences everywhere
Our view from The Oar. Can you find our dinghy and The Pearl?

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  1. Love your photographs. I have probably asked you before but what kind of software are you using for creating your water color type pictures. They are really good.