"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 14, 2013

May 13 - Butler Island, SC

Wacammaw River - Anchorage

It was a little weird and sad to pull in the lines and pull away from Ashley Marina. It's been our home for the past seven months, but I have to admit it felt nice to be back on the water. Our first day was beautiful, sunny and cool. The only issue we had was the current…we fought it all day. We moved at a slower pace than usual, which means we were REALLY going slow. It gave us plenty of time to notice the scenery and the wildlife. We had the usual dolphins to keep us company, but we were also lucky enough to spot two eagles and two alligators. Both are things we don't see that often. We also got into an area with lots of horse flies. I think they call it a flybridge because the flies like to congregate there while you're cruising. We make a game out of seeing how many we can kill. I'm sure we killed at least 50! Luckily we only had their company small part if the day.

I wish I could share smells with the blog sometimes. In different areas we get some wonderful smells. Today the smell of honeysuckle was everywhere. What an amazing aroma to have around when you're cruising. Of course there are days when the smells aren't as nice as today...like paper mills and pluff.

We are anchored behind Butler Island in the Wacammaw River. We’ve been here before and really like it, it’s a beautiful spot…nice scenery and very quiet.

I found our daughter in-law's yacht...Lady Britt. We could all have fun on this little boat!
Our last look at Charleston until next fall.
Glad I wasn't in the water...he's the biggest alligator we have seen while cruising.
They really are a majestic bird...we are amazed with them every time we see them. 
Our anchorage behind Butler Island 
Sunset on the Wacammaw River


  1. Great pictures! Nice to see that you're traveling again...hopefully we won't be too far behind you all.