"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 21, 2012

Aug. 20 – Kingsland Bay State Park, VT

Beautiful Lake
Kingsland Bay Mooring

Lake Champlain is just beautiful. The pictures I take just don't show how incredible it is to look out and see the layers of mountains that surround it. We are now in a narrower part of the lake and the New York shore is becoming more rugged and steep. There are small coves everywhere...so many places to explore; we won't have enough time this summer to see them all. Today we are in Kingsland Bay a little cove surrounded by Kingsland Bay State Park. When we entered the cove we could see two other Monk...it was a mini Monk reunion, Sweet Freedom we met last week and Rhumb Line we met earlier this summer on the Erie Canal. It's always fun to run into people we've seen before and catch up on their adventures. There are mooring balls in this bay that belong to Sweet Freedom's marina, so they gave us permission to use one for a few days.

After lunch we dinghied around the cove and went to the park. We hiked around Macdonough Point, which had great views of Kingsland Bay and Hawkins Bay. The weather has been wonderful and it's fun to spend time hiking and not break a sweat. We just couldn't ask for better temperatures...cool nights and perfect days. We plan to spend the next few weeks playing in the lake and then head down the Hudson River to New York City and places south. The perfect plan is to move south as it’s beginning to cool off…not too hot and not too cold.

This evening we got together with Trish and Ted from Rhumb Line; they have sailed all over the world and had great stories to share. Unfortunately the crew on Sweet Freedom was unable to join us since they had to head home and get ready to go back to work.

The beautiful Adirondack Mountain of New York
View from the deck of The Pearl
Kingsland Bay State Park
Views from the trail
Part of the trail
The trees are just hanging on...trying to keep from falling into the lake

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