"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 18, 2012

Aug. 17 – Burlington, VT

Monk Friends
Burlington Mooring Field

We left our anchorage around 7:15 this morning, we wanted to get across the lake before the winds picked up and the weather turned bad. The forecast called for 1-2 seas…it was more like 3-4. On Lake Champlain the waves are so close together…no riding down one and then coming up on another…here it’s just up and down. We felt like we were riding a bucking horse all the way across the lake. Luckily it was only a two hour trip. To say the least if felt wonderful to pull into the protected breakwaters of Burlington’s harbor. Marina space is hard to find on Lake Champlain, so we took a mooring ball and will use the dinghy to go to town.

Last year while we were in Melbourne Florida, met Brad and Karen on Sea Catcher, a Monk 36. They were the first people we had seen in a Monk since we left Texas. Through the past year we have followed each other’s blogs. They have a summer home in Burlington and knew we were in the area…through emails and calls we finally met up again today for lunch, at Leunig’s Bistro. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and exchanging stories about our boats and cruising adventures. They graciously spent the afternoon with us…taking us to the grocery store, liquor store and giving us a little history of the area. We had a wonderful day and really appreciate all they did for us. Everyone asks us where are favorite places have been since we started our journey…that question is hard to answer, but we can honestly say the best part of the trip has been the people we meet. The destinations are beautiful but the people are the real treasure.

A front is moving in sometime tonight, but we have lucked out and not gotten any rain. We brought our provisions back to the boat and had dinner onboard. The skies cleared before sunset and we went back to town for ice cream. Burlington seems like a great town and we look forward to seeing more of it in the next few days.

Brad, Karen, Susie and Stan
Burlington's waterfront
Beautiful sunset in Burlington, VT


  1. Just finished your entire blog and it was quite enjoyable. My wife is from Lolita and our first date was on Garcitas Creek and the second was at Magnolia beach. Looking forward to more adventures from the Pearl.

    1. What a small world. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, it helps us remember where we've been and what we have done. Where do you live now and how did you come across the blog?

  2. We moved from Victoria to my hometown area of killeen in '98. My wife completed her clinicals at Scott and White. (physical therapy). We were married in Port A and visit during sandfest and July. We hope to cruise after the kids are all off to college. When I noticed y'all were from Port Lavaca I had to read your blog. Love seeing that Texas flag on the front of the boat. Take care. Billy

    1. Our son and daughter in-law are at Scott and White doing their residencies...they seem to love it there. Well it sounds like you have a great plan. We love the cruising life...hope you get to experience it one day. There are so many things to see. Do you have a boat or a dream boat you are thinking of?

  3. Dr. Paul Dillion's wife Tammy is an associate of my wife Debbie. He is a pediatric anethesiologist and teaches at the medical school. These are good people. Maybe your son will meet them. We have a pontoon boat but a trawler will be our chioice if we choose to cruise. I envy the cool weather you're enjoying on the lake. It's hot outside here but you know that's probably why you're up there. Lol.