"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 16, 2012

Aug. 15 – Valcour Island, NY

Sunny Day…Well Mostly
Bluff Point North – Anchorage

We woke up to another dreary day…no reason to get in a hurry to move on. Around ten we decided we would move over to Valcour Island, a popular anchorage that gets very crowed on weekends. Valcour Island is a New York State park just south of Plattsburgh. It is rich in history and very pretty, this is one of the largest islands on Lake Champlain, it is about 2 miles long and a about a mile at its widest point. The shore of the island is a combination of rocky, craggy outcroppings and fine sandy beaches.

As we came into our anchorage we noticed another Monk…it’s always nice to see another boat like ours. There were only about 250 made…so we don’t see that many.  Bill from Sweet Freedom brought his dinging over and visited for a little while and invited us to join them for happy hour. After a little rain shower the sun came out and we were able to explore the island. We took a hike to the Bluff Point Lighthouse and then hiked to the other side of the island. It turned out to be a very nice day. We even went for a swim in the 74 degree water….well we didn’t really swim, we dipped, but it did feel nice. We spent the evening visiting with Bill, Maureen, Linda and Doc on Sweet Freedom. Both couples have done a lot of cruising, so it was fun to get a little more local knowledge of this area and here stories of their other adventures.

The Monks in the anchorage
The path was a little wet from all the rain we've been getting
Bluff Point Lighthouse 
Views from our hike
Relaxing in the cool water of Lake Champlain

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