"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

August 11, 2012

Aug. 10 – St. Ours, QC

Dreary Travel Day
St. Ours Lock Wall

Today was a cloudy, cool and dreary day, but luckily we didn’t get any rain until later in the evening. Our travels took us further down the St. Lawrence River to Sorel…this is as far north as our journey will take us this year. From Sorel we turned south and are now on the Richelieu River. It is 78 miles form Sorel to the US Border. The majority of our trip today was on the St. Lawrence, through a very industrial area with little of anything to see, so the weather didn’t hamper our trip. In fact it was a great day to travel since we would have been stuck on the boat if we had stayed in port. The only traffic on the river today was a few tankers. Once we were on the Richelieu River and past Sorel, the factories and refineries were replaced with homes and farmland. This area of Canada is nowhere near as pretty as the area around the Rideau Canal, but I was impressed with how pretty the water was in the St. Lawrence River, a beautiful shade of dark turquois and very clear.

Tonight we are docked in a very rural area…no Internet connection, no town and no TV. We spent the evening cooking dinner and playing cards…well trying to play cards, we had a hard time remembering the rules to most of the games we could think of and we had no Internet to look the rules up. Of course if we had the Internet we wouldn’t have been playing cards! It’s raining again tonight…I hope it ends before morning. It won’t be fun doing locks in the rain.

Our view this morning from the boat

Looking back at the marina
One last look at Montreal
Traffic on the St. Lawrence River
Entering the Richelieu River
Beautiful Sorel, QC

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