"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in
its net of wonder forever."—Jacques Cousteau

May 5, 2012

May 4 – Hillsmere Shores, MD

Work Day
Harness Creek – Anchorage

The day started out like it has for the last week…rainy, foggy and hazy. Today it just kept getting worse all morning, good morning for cleaning house (boat). We checked our weather apps and could see we were going to get a storm around 1:00. Just as predicted the storm rolled in, but it fizzled out very quickly and the skies cleared. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening. We (Stan) loaded the bikes on the dinghy and docked at the park, from there we rode through the park to town. Right outside the park are all the stores boaters need…West Marine, liquor store, pharmacy and grocery store. We stocked up on a few things and spent a little time wandering around West Marine. It’s a must stop whether you need anything or not!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening on the boat…great weather, a beautiful sunset and a huge bright moon. We were joined in the anchorage by three sailboats and one small trawler…it’s a great spot.

Here comes the storm
Hydrangea - Every plant and tree seems to be blooming right now. Very pretty and the air is very fragrant. I love it!
Maybe we need a sailboat again...this looks pretty nice
Our night view

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  1. The plant you are curious about is a Hydrangea, I believe. If not, it is something quite similar to the Hydrangea. And the tree is most likely a Tulip Poplar. I grew up in the Philadlephia area, and both of these are all over the place in the area you are currently in. Love your blog...been following you guys since you were on the gulf coast last year. Thanks for sharing your daily life with us!